Corona outbreak: Decision on Strict Restrictions in Two Days

Mumbai: The number of corona patients in the state is increasing rapidly once again. New corona patients have been found in five and a half thousand homes in the state today. In Mumbai alone, more than 3,000 patients have been found today. Therefore, strict restrictions are likely to be imposed in the state. Against this backdrop, a meeting of the task force was held today. Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the meeting discussed possible risks and measures, including corona restrictions. Also, on the eve of the New Year, Tope has made an important appeal to the people.

‘Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. Important discussions took place at the Task Force meeting. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will take the final decision regarding strict restrictions. The decision will be taken in a day or two, Tope said after a meeting of the task force. Of course, crowds must be avoided. Don’t rush because it will spread the infection faster. SGTF is a pest in terms of testing. Omicron was detected through it. That kit should be used, so it will know how many patients of Delta variant and how many patients of Omicron variant. On treatment, ‘Monopyramil’ is an antiviral drug approved by the Central Government and the Maharashtra Task Force. There was a detailed discussion about its supply and demand, Tope told the media.


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Decisions regarding immunisation of children in the age group of 15 to 18 years

Talking about vaccination, Tope said that the central government has decided to vaccinate children in the age group of 15 to 18 years. Therefore, schools of this age group should be continued. There was a discussion about taking them to the vaccination center without vaccinating them at school and doing it in stages. It has also been decided that those who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated immediately. A meeting of the administration will be held in two days. Districts that are lagging behind in vaccination will be notified.


Happy New Year & Appeal

On the occasion of 31st December and on the backdrop of New Year, I would like to say, Happy New Year. Wishes New Year to be the year of liberation from Corona. While saying this, avoid crowds, do not do anything that will cause infection. Tope has also appealed to the people to follow the Corona rules.

Mumbai’s way back to lockdown?

Corona patients have been on the rise in Mumbai for the past few days. So now the state government is also worried. In the last 24 hours, 3671 new patients have been registered in Mumbai. Therefore, in the face of increasing patient numbers, there is a strong possibility that the city will once again impose lockdown-like restrictions.

Today, 3,671 patients have been registered in Mumbai. Yesterday the same number was 2,510. In the last 24 hours, 371 patients have overcome corona. The recovery rate is now 96 percent. The total number of active patients in Mumbai has reached 11,360. The patient’s doubling period has come down to 505 days. The growth rate was 0.10 percent yesterday. Today, it has increased to 0.14 percent. The steady increase in the number of patients in Mumbai is now becoming a headache for the administration.

Corona Blast! More than 10,000 patients in a single day after 33 days in the country.

Currently, there are 82,000 active corona cases in the country. In the last 24 hours, more than 10,000 new corona patients have been found across the country. Importantly, in the last 33 days, so many patients have come forward in one day. At the same time, the positivity rate in Maharashtra and West Bengal seems to be increasing rapidly, the Ministry of Health said in a press conference.

Love Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health, said that the positivity rate in 8 districts of the country is more than 10 percent. At the same time, there are 14 districts where the weekly positivity rate is 5-10%. In Maharashtra, on December 9, the positivity rate was 0.76 per cent, now it is 2.3.
Percent. Similarly, the positivity rate in Bengal has increased from 1.61 per cent to 3.1 per cent. Also, in the first week of December, the positivity rate in Delhi was 0.1 per cent, now it is 1 per cent.

961 patients in the country infected with omicron

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 330,000 Omicron-infected patients are diagnosed every month in 121 countries around the world. Omicron has killed 59 people so far. As far as India is concerned, there have been 961 omecron infestations so far. Of these, 320 patients have recovered. Delhi has the highest number of Omicron cases. So far 263 cases have been detected here. But 57 of these patients have recovered.

So far, 252 patients of Omycron have been found in Maharashtra. In Gujarat 97, Rajasthan 69, Kerala 65, Telangana 62, Tamil Nadu 45, Karnataka 34, Andhra 16, Haryana 12, Bengal 11, Madhya Pradesh 9, Odisha 4, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh 3, Jammu and Kashmir 3, Uttar Pradesh 2, Goa 1, 1 in Himachal, 1 in Ladakh, 1 in Manipur and 1 in Punjab.

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