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Foldable Phones: One Step Back, One Step Forward!

If you thought that we were far ahead of flip phones, I’m sure the advent of foldable phones was enough proof that we were not. The technology, not exactly new, has stolen the show by taking the concept of the thing that we loved back in the 2000s and adding the intelligence that we crave now. Steal the show is what Samsung tried, and succeeded, to do at the Oscars. While we applauded the South Korean ‘Parasite’ for winning, the Korean phone-maker made plans to leverage some of the limelight. Samsung’s next foldable phone was advertised during the event, teasing us with some of its key features.

The phone was seen to be able to stay upright at a right angle, flaunting the new video calling feature. Foreseeing our questions as to how we would be able to dodge calls, the advertisement showed a micro-screen that displays the name of the caller. Aside from the (extremely) indispensable feature of video-calls, foldable phones are far more technologically updated than the good ol’ flip phones. The essence of these phones lies in the flexible OLED displays. While Samsung’s Fold or Motorola’s Razr has a screen that turns inwards, Huawei Mate X’s screen turns outwards. To accommodate the folding screen, the Samsung foldable has a single battery split between its two screens. The foldable technology is not limited to smartphones anymore; companies are already trying to integrate the technology into devices with much bigger screens. LG, which came under the radar for filing for a patent for “mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half,” is also creating flexible displays for televisions, along with other such devices.

The foldable technology can give a phone two or even three screens to increase efficiency and facilitate multi-tasking. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex also shows three screens. While these and many other foldable phones were introduced last year, this year, the world is expecting the foldable technology to disrupt the smartphone market. However, there is a dramatic price difference between our current phones and the foldable phones, which might make us ‘fold’ our cards before this technology even hits the market.

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