Gender Biased Media Can Be Deadly

Gender Biased Media Can Be Deadly

Print media, television, social media, and radio have been playing a significant role in gaining our knowledge, attitude, and opinion about women. We all know the fact that men have been dominating this society from the very beginning, and women have always been kept aside from the real world. Today, women are showing their magic in every field known to us and are climbing the ladder of success. In the media, however, men always remain the center of attraction and more attention is being given to them than women. The young generation grows up watching television bombarded with heroic images of men athletes, politician, and businessmen. Whereas, the media fail to display the same image about women.

A recent study by the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation discovered that last year women’s sport had just received 7% coverage in the media. The report also revealed that only 10 % of televised coverage was included and just 2% of women’s achievements were featured in the newspapers.

Another study proposes that the attitude of media coverage has a more significant effect than their quantity and women continue to lag when it comes to the quality of their coverage.

From the last two decades, the number of women professionals has been increasing exponentially. However, most of the press coverage continues to depend on men as experts in the field of politics, business, and economics. Conversely, women are most likely to be portrayed in the news about a natural disaster, accidents, or domestic violence than the news about their professional expertise, skills, and abilities.

Insufficient coverage about women achievements appears to be a worldwide concern. For instance, in 2015, a study published by Association of Women Journalists based on women’s issues and their accomplishments in 70 countries reported that only 17% percent of the news covered women; to be precise, one in fourteen women was displayed as a victim as compared to one in twenty one men and one in five women was presented in the context of her family.

Ads are the most damaging part of the society where women are there just to add beauty in the background. They are not being presented as a heroic character unless it is one of the cleaning or beauty products.

Although women are moving forward with reasonable pace, the negative presentation of successful women in the media is unjustified drive wrong opinions about the women at the top positions. Additionally, the media cover only a negative side of the successful women than the achievements they have made and their invaluable contribution to the society. Thus, it is clearly visible that the media is more focused on men’s achievements than the women.

Recently, the media seem to have changed their perception of looking at women’s achievements and have begun to put more effort to portray women and their success positively in front of the community. However, when it comes to gender ratio, the percentage is relatively less as compared to men. This is just the beginning, many miles to go.


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