Global Unmanned Ground Vehicles Market, By Vehicle type (Sensors, Radar, Lasers, Camera and Articulated ARM & GPS), By Application (Agriculture, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Fire Fighting, Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN), Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR), Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Combat Support and other applications), By Mode of Operation (Tethered, Tele-operated, Semi-autonomous, Autonomous and other modes), By Vehicle Size, By Mobility, By System Component, forecast till 2027

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market is valued at approx. USD 3.17 Billion in 2019 and is predicted to grow to USD 8.25 Billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 12.6%.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is a non-human interface vehicle that operates in situations where human contact or operation is impossible, hazardous or dangerous. While the sensors help UGV in analytical & problem solving of collected data, this data is then passed on to operator/s at a remote location which then controls UGV with the help of teleoperations.

Neutralization of enemy targets beyond visual range has been the focus on the defense forces across the globe which are investing in high-end equipment to make sure minimal exposure to the personnel. However, the change in combat experience from conventional to modern has exponentially amplified the personnel exposure to innovative death traps just like the IEDs which stimulated the market growth & potential of the Global UGV market. The commercial application of UGV is predicted to grow at the fastest pace which is driven by the induction of Unmanned Gas Vehicle platforms by manufacturing companies, logistics companies, and warehouse providers.

On the basis of Application, the Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle is segmented into Agriculture, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Fire Fighting, Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN), Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR), Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Combat Support and other applications. Based on Vehicle type, this market is categorized into Sensors, Radar, Lasers, Camera and Articulated ARM & GPS. On the basis of Mode of Operation, this market is divided into Tethered, Tele-operated, Semi-autonomous, Autonomous and other modes. Based on Vehicle Size, this market is segmented into Micro (<10 lbs), Small (10-200 lbs), Medium (200-500 lbs), Large (500-1000 lbs) and Very Large (>1000 lbs). On the basis of Mobility, UGV Market is categorized as Wheeled, Tracked, Legged and others. On the basis of Propulsion, this market is tri-furcated into Diesel Electric, Battery Electric, and Integrated. The System Component segments this market into Payloads, Navigation & Control System, Power System, and other components.

Human life risk reduction in the demand of UGVs’ civilian applications, increased demand for an autonomous control system, vehicle combat performance are the factors driving the market growth in this UGV market. Developed Countries’ defense budget cuts, battery life limitations are the restraints for the UGV market. Increased operational efficiency, focus on autonomous control systems, versatile nature of the UGV are the factors for profitable market opportunities in the UGV market. The declining world economy and external effects on the developed and emerging economies likely to pose challenges to the Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle market.

North America UGV market is anticipated to dominate with 35.33% (in 2019) market share which the largest UGV regional market. NA has been the largest contributor in the whole UGV market owing to the higher expenditure of the U.S. in acquiring UGV. Asia-Pacific will be valued USD 7.05 billion at a CAGR of 16.44% between 2020-2026 and will continue to grow with the highest CAGR and also the fastest growing in the global UGV market. Europe follows the UGV market in terms of expenditure and the second dominant region in the UGV market. Latin America is anticipated to grow at steady CAGR in the UGV market like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are the biggest contributors to the market growth in this region. The Middle East & Africa UGV market is predicted to grow at higher CAGR than that of Latin American UGV Market due to presence of one of the highest defense spending nations are present in the region which provides a strong growth rate in the UGV market such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

These are the key players in the global UGV market – Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Bae Systems Inc., General Dynamics Corporation, Irobot, Qinetiq Group Plc., Cobham Plc., Nexter Group, Dok-Ing D.O.O., Oshkosh Corporation, Aselsan A.S., Re2 Inc., Horiba Mira Ltd., Autonomous Solutions Inc., Icor Technology Inc., Mechatroniq Systems Inc., Robosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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