Omicron , Delta cases ‘Corona tsunami’ World Health Organisation warning

New Delhi: The World Health Organization has now issued a warning. Delta and omecron are said to be double dangerous. The omecron after delta is increasing the stress on the health system.

Corona outbreaks have occurred worldwide. The rapidly spreading corona has created an atmosphere of fear. The number of patients worldwide has crossed the 28 crore mark and the total number of corona patients has reached 28,49,17,110. 54,38,897 people have lost their lives. Advanced countries have been weakened by the Corona, and a serious situation has arisen in many countries. In the meantime, Omaykron has raised tensions with everyone.

Omycron and Delta are bringing a tsunami of corona. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a stern warning amid growing concerns about the number of patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the tsunami in Omaikron and Delta will put a huge strain on the healthcare system. Due to this tension, he has warned that the health system will collapse. According to the World Health Organization, the Delta and Omaicron variants are dangerous, leading to new patient records and rising hospital admissions and deaths.

New variants of the corona are creating new challenges, with the expectation that immunizations can bring control over the corona. As a result, many countries have begun to prepare and impose sanctions. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned of danger. & # 8220; I & # 8217; m very worried about omecron, it & # 39; s very contagious. The tsunami of cases is coming due to the arrival of Omaicron while Delta & # 8221; This was stated by Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization. The global patient population rose 11 percent in the past week, with the United States and France recording the highest numbers on Wednesday.

Tedros said it would put a strain on already exhausted health workers, who feared the health system would collapse. One of the reasons is that not only new patients are putting stress on the health system but also many health workers are infected with corona. Corona has made a name for itself around the world. In many countries, children are also being infected with omecron and there has been a huge increase in the number of hospitalized patients. Attempts are being made to prevent corona infection.

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