Our team

Jonathon Neal

Jonathan Neal, the founder of Market Tribunal, is a wondrous leader with a penchant for editing and content curation. He uses his skills as a brilliant editor and pulls together the website, spotting the best newsworthy stories, and helping each writer turn them into reports and accounts. His originality of thought and unbiased story telling renders him the spine of the body of Market Tribunal.

Sebastian Fraser

With an eye for details and all the headlines and stories that are creating waves in the world arena, Sebastian is a world class writer and editor. His need to put utmost quality before any other benchmark in newswriting and reporting have helped the team at Market Industry News raise the standard in the sector.

Izabelle Warren

While the rest of the world sleeps on its benefits, advocacy groups are fighting in the USA for cannabis usage and legalization of the pot industry. Izabelle Warren reports on the happenings of the cannabis industry – be it set backs, progress reports, policy decisions, dispensary rights, or even simply health benefits! Pour your attention into her columns to witness the heights the industry is scaling!

Calvin Hubbard

Our go to guy for all things NBA is Calvin Hubbard. A basketball enthusiast himself, Calvin has a hawk-eye concentration on all the latest news on the drafts, teams, championships and gaming strategies that are taking center stage at the NBA. Keep an eye out for his columns to be updated about who plays for what team, and what the deals are set to cost the respective teams!

Keira Brown

Keira Brown is a writer with numerous years of experience and knowledge of the mobile technology sector. Her sharp analytical skills and story spotting attitude raises the bar for Market Industry News, and helps the team in scouring out the best stories in the technology sector, and bringing them to your fingertips.

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