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Procter & Gamble And Cargill To Collaborate To Commercialize A Bio-Based Acrylic Acid Technology

An Innovation Was Developed In The R&D Labs Of P&G That Will Help Convert The Lactic Acid Into A Bio-Based Acrylic Acid, Which Can Prove To Be A Vital Step To Shift The Production Of Everyday Goods To Be Made From Annually Renewable Crops. P&G Has Granted Cargill An Exclusive License Under Which It Can Further Develop And Commercialize This Technology So That It Can Finally Be Incorporated In A Wide Range Of Applications Starting From Superabsorbent Polymers In The Absorbent Hygiene Products To The Thickeners In Household Paints And More.

The Usage Of Bio-Based Acrylic Acid Is Expected To Reduce The Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Contribute Significantly To The Greener Products In The Coming Years, Something Which Is Important To A Wide Range Of Stakeholders, Including The Consumers And Several Business Leaders. P&G Scientists Were Announced As The Winners Of The American Chemical Society 2020 Award For Affordable Green Chemistry For Developing This Groundbreaking Technology. Even Though The Conversion Technology Is Considered To Be A Breakthrough, It Will Take Many More Years Of Work Before Directly Impacting The Consumer Products In The Market. This New Technology Shows That The Best Materials In Science Can Be Leveraged With New Bio-Based Solutions To Introduce Sustainable Innovation In The Production Of Consumer Goods. And By Investing In The New And Advanced Bio-Based Solutions, The Carbon Footprint Of Various Industries Can Be Highly Reduced. This Goes Along With P&G’s Stated Ambition 2030 Sustainability Goals That Are Looking For New And Renewable Sources Of Raw Materials For Conversion Into Daily Products. Several Manufacturers, Vendors, And Brand Owners Across The World Have Been Looking For Viable Ways To Use Bio-Based Acrylic Acid In Order To Reduce The Environmental Impact They Cause, And Now P&G’s New Technology Brings Them A Step Closer To A Solution.

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