Reliance Industries Group’s formula soon to new generation; Hints from Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Industries Group new generation
Reliance Industries Group new generation

: Reliance Industries, one of the strongest conglomerates in the country, has begun the process of change of leadership. His clear signal was given by Reliance’s Sarvesarva Mukesh Ambani. He spoke the language of retirement at the company’s Family Day function on the occasion of Dhirubhai Ambani’s birthday and we should just guide him. Should be enabled. Seen encouraged. He made it clear that he should sit quietly and applaud because he was more successful than us. So now there is a discussion in the business world about who will be the successor of Reliance.

Mukesh Ambani is currently 64 years old. He became the chairman of Reliance after the death of his father in 2002. From there, the whole country saw the progress they made. They have three children Akash, Isha and Anant. The three children run Reliance’s telecom, retail and energy businesses. However, none of these are on Reliance’s board of directors. He serves as a director in the major branches of the company.

“We just have to guide them,” Mukesh Ambani said on the program. Should be enabled. Seen encouraged. They should sit quietly and applaud because they are more successful than us. I have no doubt that Akash, Isha and Anant will lead Reliance to the pinnacle of success as the next generation. I can see and feel their passion, commitment and loyalty to Reliance every day. “I see in him the same spark and ability of my father to change the lives of millions and contribute to the development of India,” he said.

Mukesh Ambani said that it was time to take advantage of this great opportunity to lay the foundation for the future growth of RIL. Reliance, which started as a textile company, has transformed into a group with various business interests. Whose products touch people’s lives every day. We have completely re-engineered our energy business. Now, Reliance is a global leader in clean and green energy and materials. He hopes that this transformation of our old business will be the biggest growth engine for Reliance.

SEBI has extended the deadline for splitting the posts of Chairman and Managing Director among the listed companies. SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi said, “We have given ample time to the industry to split the post of Chairman and Managing Director.” I can only appeal to the industry to comply with it. Now Mukesh Ambani wants to take advantage of this opportunity.

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