Robots to revolutionize human life by 2050

Robots to revolutionize human life by 2050

Robots to revolutionize human life by 2050

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. This is mainly attributed to the increasing deployment of robots in various industries across the globe. On account of development in robotic technology, robots are set to play an increasingly important role in our lives, starting from the workplace to our personal chores. Moreover, this will go beyond making certain tasks easier or doing our dull and dirty jobs. In short, it will revolutionize the way we work.

Food Production

With the constantly growing global population, it cannot be denied that we’ll need 60% more food by 2050 to fulfill the food need. The future requires less force and huge production demanding major advancements in technology. This is where the robot comes into the picture as it will help to ease the entire food production process by reforming the farming industry. The era has already begun. For instance, scientists found that an autonomous strawberry picker could perform the task 50% quicker than us. Additionally, in the future, drones are likely to predict problems, inform farmers about the best time to harvest, and target and remove weeds precisely.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, autonomous vehicles are expected to play a significant role in the food industry to deliver food easily at low cost. Furthermore, it will help to reduce harmful impact on the environment as it can reduce waste production, considering both packaging and food as people will only order what they need and when they need.

Hazardous Industrial Tasks

Currently, some of our essential jobs have become highly dangerous or nearly impossible to perform by a human, for instance, the oil and gas industry requires extensive workforce, which, in turn, has high chances to harm human life. Moreover, diving too deep as required by the offshore wind industry takes a serious physical toll on divers, as well as clearing nuclear waste is also a hazardous task. However, with the technological advancements, robots will soon perform these unsafe tasks instead. This can be best explained using autonomous submarines to take care of work that needs to perform under icy waters.

Robots are immensely dexterous than humans and therefore can perform tasks with greater ease. Efficiency and accuracy are of paramount importance in extreme environments and utilizing robotics in such industries will increase the effectiveness of the task.

Smarter, and Greener Energy

Greener future is not far with robotics. According to the latest reports, it is estimated that most of the energy used will be generated from renewable sources, built and maintained by robots in remote locations as well.

Offshore wind will grow robustly with these technologies. Small drones will monitor the areas, feeding back to engineers at control bases. This removes the need for humans to enter this sometimes-precarious environment.

Today, many companies have already deployed robots to perform day to day operations such as a human arm, monitor gas and oil pipes and ensure safety.

But, we’ve yet to start using AI at their full potential. Robots can help us make a positive change with huge benefits.

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Robotics will be used instead of humans in some workplaces where extensive human labor is required, however, this will have the benefit of making certain jobs more efficient and safer. But people will never be completely replaced as they are the ones implementing the tasks assigned by the management.

The future will be about working together—robot and human. Humans will work in more comfortable conditions managing the tasks, while robots will likely to perform our dangerous, difficult, and uninteresting tasks.

Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in this harmonious and productive relationship. This symbiosis will revolutionize the world and create enormous opportunities in the future.

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