The US- China tech cold war

The US- China tech cold war

The US- China tech cold war? Who is winning?

The US-China trade war is only getting bigger but certainly in no ways better. The battle for tech supremacy is heading in ways, one which cannot imagine and is making for a bigger splash one could imagine for.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and the autonomous vehicles all these are China’s bold plans to dominate the world economy and dominate in all ways over the US economy.

We take a look at how have the world’s two largest economies fared-

The US has created very valuable technologies in the world, with biggies in software, smartphones, e-commerce, and social networking. China is no longer at the back with companies such as Alibaba and Tencent making their way in the top ranking companies in the world.

The market valuation of the top companies in the US is however higher than those of China. It is not calculated in terms of capitalization but also how many acquisitions are made, the hiring capacity, capital raising and the invest in new technologies.

For the internet base, China scores well ahead in that of the USA.

The US for long was one of the most important and leading internet marketing company in the world but now slowly it is being overtaken by China. The reason being China’s ever-growing population which has made it possible to the ever increasing base of internet users.

The income gap is however where China scores less than the US. While China does scores in numbers, the USA has far more spending power and has the capacity of generating almost 7 times more the economic output that China produces.

China and the US, however, score equally more on the venture capital investments both of them have the capacity to create the world’s most powerful technology firms.

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