Trump has grandiose plans on the 4TH of July 2019.

Trump has grandiose plans on the 4TH of July 2019.

Trump has grandiose plans on the 4TH of July 2019.

The name grandiose and Trump are truly synonymous and in sync. Now in proving to take this a step furthermore, Trump has some grand plans for the July 4th Independence Day as America celebrates its Independence Day.

Trump is going to co-opt the annual Fireworks at the National Mall to throw a salute to America. It will be perfect with a speech which will be followed by the event, military flyovers and also a Trump rally atmosphere.

The Interior Department which has planned the event said that the celebration will be of America’s military with the music events, demonstrations, and flyovers.

It will be a different celebration of sorts and Trump will be making a political rally out of the July 4TH fireworks as he feels that should be the agenda for the celebration of America and that is what America stands for.

SO what is exactly the Trump agenda?

Trump will begin a speech at 6.30 pm.

The fireworks will go off at 9.00 pm.

After that, at some point, there will be military flyovers that will buzz over the National Mall, the Air Force One and the US Navy Blue Angles.

There will also be tanks near the National Mall for the festivities which is sure to make it a grand affair.

However, the tanks would not be rolling as it is going to be a static affair. The cost to transport the tanks is $870,000.

The tanks will arrive in Washington in the early morning on Tuesday and will be guarded by the military police. The tanks are shipped from North Fort Stewart in Georgia.

There will also be some other event which will be taking places such as the Salute to America which is happening at the Lincoln Memorial, the National Independence Day Parade and the Annual A Capitol Fourth concert.


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