Which was the best MacBook to buy in the year 2019?

Apple follows a highly specific pattern when it comes to designing or giving a makeover to their MacBook. And this time also it is no exception.

Today, there are many popular MacBook’s available in the market and so which one of them to buy can be a matter of concern. So as an informed consumer you should be well aware of the different MacBook’s available in the market and the right kind of configurations available on them so that you are able to delve deep into what is the best in the market.

The MacBook air 2018 edition

This is by far the best MacBook as it is the best for college students and it is also not that expensive also. There are 3 colors to choose from which are Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. It also has the best battery life and is overall very good for traveling purposes.

The MacBook 13 inch 2018 edition

It is one of the best Mac Books for professionals and a high power packed laptop which is extremely great for office workers and professionals. However, be ready to shell out money as it is not cheap by any means.

The Mac Book Pro 15 inch-

If you fancy huge screens then this is the best Mac Book for you. The 15-inch model is one of the best as it sports a very large display and has amazing video and audio editing software. It also has a dedicated graphics card which is extremely useful for recording the videos and to make viewing a seamless experience. The storage space is 4TB and it also provides good value for money at the same time.

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