Who knows when getting older we need a robot as a caretaker and a best friend

Who knows, when getting older, we need a robot as a caretaker and a best friend.

Without any doubt, technology has revolutionized our world. Technology has re-designed the world that we have ever never think before. From the mobile phones, smart speakers (Alexa), to automated high tech sensors, technology has shaped the way we work and lives decades.

Technology to help monitor, and care for the elderly is rapidly increasing. But, we’re just only starting to consider how it will change the way be age.

Who will take care of us?

According to the report, as a greater number of US reach old age, the stress on health services increases. NHS England data from 2015 showed that the amount of accidental and emergency attendants by aged over 60 and the common reason behind their unexpected illness was lack of monitoring, comforting and caring.

In the UK, one company, cera, is using Artificial intelligence technology to offers care services for older people who live alone and acquire voice assistant. Company’s CEO said, we use technology to streamline the matching patient and cares based on numbers of characteristics like what’s the age of the patient, what type of care they need when they need it, whether they have a human assistant or not. Along with that, Cera will also leverage technology to ensure that its users are getting benefits and good experience. The studies conducted in Japan, the US, New Zealand found that artificial intelligence is decreasing the loneliness of the older adults’ users.

Use Technology Appropriate for your Age and Stage:

Maybe you are a fan of Alexa, which plays music on your command, issues weather reports and adjust the lighting in the room. Besides, these comforts, voice-controlled echo is offering you more than this thing. A new fall detection sensors can automatically detect a spill and send a text to your family members of emergency services.

According to WHO approximately 1.3 people die each year on the world’s road and between 20 to 50 million sustain non-fatal injuries. If they had biosensors bracelet on their hands, doctors were saved their lives. So, a potential solution to supporting our lives and growing the older adult population may come in the form of Artificial intelligence.

What are the new technologies that are taking care of older adults?

A plush Japanese robot that looks like a seal and mimics the movement of the living creature claim to offer you comfort and company.

The Whimsical Lovot robot fulfills loneliness and Aibo from Samsung a robot dog without the mess.

Another Piya and Decker use voice commands to alerts medication alerts and dispenses pills.

Sensorscall’s $99 is a small sensor camera that plugged into the outlets of home to ease the burden of caretakers.


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