World’s most powerful passports revealed.

A passport is the most important thing to have if you are traveling abroad. Rather it is the most important thing if anything else.

Now there had been a recent study of the world’s most important passports on and how are they ranked. The study was conducted by the Henley Passport Index and it includes 199 passports along with 299 travel destinations.

It also includes the microstates and the territories.

The best part to know is that the Asian countries dominate the rankings with India sharing the 86TH position with Mauritiana and Sao Tome.

Japan and Singapore hold the top spot with a score of 189 after they upthrow Germany from the rankings.

South Korea now takes the second spot along with Finland and Germany.

Dr. Christian Kaelin, who was the creator of the passport index, said that the rankings were based on various different parameters and also the different countries on the various parameters. The countries are based on the visa openings and the crucial points on the various economic and social progress and so the latest research also confirms that the visa openness also opens various gates for the strongest of the countries.

Increased visa openness is the number one reason for the countries to rank at the forefront. Also, India has moved from its earlier position of 79 to the ascending order in the year 2019.

The UK and the US now share sixth place both respectively and have a visa on arrival score of 183. It is a significant drop from its place in the year 2014.

They share the same position as Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, and Norway.

The other top climbers are Taiwan and Serbia respectively.

The last one on this list is Afghanistan with a score of just 25 as compared to the other countries.

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